The Process
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Sara's skills to 
graphically represent 
our discussions... enabled 
our collective success.

We are continuing to use Sara’s work to  keep a 'collective memory' of the sessions.

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Sara Heppner-Waldston Graphic Recording

Sara Heppner-Waldston’s passion for graphic recording comes from a lifetime of formal artistic training and professional design work, and highly focused listening.

Graphic Recording captures the essence of business meetings and group dialogue in a highly visual format, to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their meetings. This powerful visual tool helps participants actually see interrelationships of their thoughts, ideas, and group discussions as the meeting progresses, moving it forward in an exciting, memorable way.

Graphic Recording

Working with a facilitator, Sara draws,real-time, on large pieces of paper (approx. 4' x 8') and, using words, icons, and colour, transforms the dialogue into a visual map of the session. This map not only enhances clarity and decision- making, but nurtures participation, creativity and communication among participants. Graphic recording addresses the 80% of the population who are visual learners, thereby increasing retention and productivity.

Graphic recording adapts to most group settings, from large conferences to intimate focused sessions, from non-profit, government and community arenas to corporate, small business and educational organizations. Types of activities that benefit from graphic recording include strategic planning, brainstorming, training, focus groups, analysis and mapping.

Sara lives in Montreal, Canada, speaks French fluently and has the unique ability to graphically record in French as well as English.