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It is so clear
and makes the salient points come to life.

It was important to participants that Sara could work in both official languages.

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  • Graphic Recording CAPS
  • Graphic Recording CAPS
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Due to the confidential nature of most of my work, this gallery represents only sessions of a public nature.
Enjoy my style and use your imagination for the rest!

Live Graphic Recording

Sara is a simultaneous translator, turning oral words into visuals/pictures, while the dialogue is progressing. As participants and/or presenters speak, Sara captures the nuggets in a visual format so that everyone can SEE what is being said.

Meetings, workshops and retreats benefit from the synthesization of concepts and being immersed in their own visual world. Live recording of keynotes, breakouts, panels, etc. enhances the WOW factor and added value at conference and events.

Themes from workshops throughout a day-long conference celebrating Person's Day in Canada, when women earned the right to vote, sit in parliament etc.
Considerations when building a doctor/patient relationship
Validation of Vision and possible outcomes for Priority Areas
Protecting the rights of children globally
Determining major Roadblocks in 4 priority areas
Group Harvest
Sketchnote created live at the absolutely inspiring C2Mtl Conference 2014
James Cameron Sketchnote
Sketchnote created live at the absolutely inspiring C2Mtl Conference 2014
Princess Reema Sketchnote
Stakeholders discuss shared Opportunities and Challenges
Stakeholder Input
Next Steps towards growth and sustainability
Balancing cultural and practical needs to build a new school of architecture
Vision Workshop
A World Café on the implementation of gender equality at the United Nations
World Café
Radio Canada Leadership Workshop Opening
A World Café focusing on how to improve the social service system in Ontario
World Café
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama
Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra

Recap and Summary Charts

More often than not, many charts are created during one gathering or there are concurrent breakout sessions whereby participants miss valuable information because they can only be in one session at a time. Sara synthesizes the main themes and undercurrents of the day(s) to create one large visual. This chart is often created in a public area during the event, so that participants become engaged in the progress of their work and can contribute to its content.

Shared global values of Amnesty International
Global Values
Existing Sustainable Initiatives and what it takes to get there
Jigsaw puzzle mural created by high school students attending a one-day conference on bullying
Interactive Mural
Personal Values of a leadership team
Recap of the main themes at a one-day conference on the importance of creating healthy learning environments for children
Positive School Climates

Studio and Custom Work

Visual support is created off-site, pre-, post or independent of an event, as a way to integrate graphics in the complete cycle of a short-term project, event or long-term initiative. Creation of a visual environment (ie agenda, journey map) for workshops, business meetings, events; large inter-active installations that inspire participants to be active co-creators; treatment of charts as visual reports, videos etc.; and stand-alone visuals for presentations, reports and events are only a few examples of the malleability and power of graphics in almost any domain.

Mission and Values of  Department of Justice of Canada greets employees and visitors at the elevator
How to achieve bias-free discipline from students' point of view
Custom Chart
One-year journey of a new public service initiative
Journey Map
Video created from existing charts from the previous annual conference