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Sara significantly increases the value of an event to the participants.

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Graphic Recording Examples Sara Heppner-Waldston

The impact of Graphic Recording is immediate for participants, but the process can begin long before the event. Ultimately, Sara is part of the design team from the outset, so that visuals are used to their fullest potential and enhance every facet of the event. Pre-charting creates a one-of-a-kind environment that is an inspiring, focused zone the moment participants set foot in the room.

Examples of Pre-Charts:

  • MISSION / VISION Statements: remind the group of their collective purpose
  • RULES of ENGAGEMENT: encourage participation in a safe environment
  • AGENDA: sets the stage for a visual journey
  • TIMELINES: give a historical perspective from which to move forward
  • TEMPLATES: continuity of creative approach throughout the event
  • QUOTES: relevant thoughts from leaders provide inspiration
Real Time

During the event, Sara creates a mural of what is being said using colour, words, pictures and symbols. Participants see their words unfold before them, as they speak, and realize they are an integral part of the process. Listening becomes a whole-brain activity from the start, stimulating the visual and kinesthetic thought processes that are often left dormant during verbal presentations.

Types of Events:

  • KEYNOTE SPEECHES: enhance the presentation by providing visual reinforcement of the key points
  • CONFERENCES: ability to provide a record of all sessions including keynotes and breakouts so that participants can benefit from even those they didn't attend
  • MISSION / VISION / STRATEGIC PLANNING: allow the group to see where they are going and how to get there
  • WORLD CAFÉ: visuals are essential to fully benefit from the epitome of a sharing environment
  • CULTURE / TEAMBUILDING: bring the group onto the "same page"!
  • TRAINING: engage groups more creatively during and elevate retention for high performance

After the event, all charts are digitized and then sent to the client. The original charts are the property of the client. They can be laminated and used as a springboard for related meetings, or as office adornment to reinforce the outcomes of the session. Depending on the type of event or project, visuals can continue to be integrated into the process to support the group.

Uses of Visuals:

  • REPORTS: eye-catching and memorable so they get read
  • IN-HOUSE SUPPORT: screen savers, desktop “reminders” etc. reinforce key messages
  • RECAP WEBSITES / BLOGS: recap activities in a captivating way…words alone don’t work!
  • TRAINING TOOLS: integrate visuals for continuity and retention
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: visuals are the language of today!

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