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What a difference a single individual with a handful of markers can make

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Imagine walking into a room surrounded with drawings and empty white paper. It feels different and exciting. Someone starts speaking and you see marker put to paper. You listen some more, or speak up, and suddenly there are your thoughts in technicolor…and your colleague’s too. But without the politics or noise that often bog down progress. An hour later, that 4' x 8' piece of paper is alive, with the jewels of information you remember and the nuggets your brain doesn’t have room to hold. A day later, your inbox holds jpegs of that same encounter, and that “Aha” moment jumps out at you once again

Drawing helps you hold onto conversations.
Graphic Recording turns them into stories for you to share.

Image that states: GRAPHIC RECORDING WORKS because Over 80% of the population are VISUAL LEARNERS, The visual cortex is the LARGEST SYSTEM in the human BRAIN, Looking at an image creates MEANING because it ACTIVATES different parts of the brain, When we hear information we remember 10% 3 days later;  add a picture and we remember 65%, Images CLARIFY IDEAS;  interaction with images creates ENGAGEMENT;  visual persistence creates RETENTION